Mentoring/ Coaching

Mentoring/ Coaching

What are the features of effective professional development?

Hammond et al (2017) identified 7 key features of professional development that include the need for; Focused content, Active Learning, Collaboration, Models of effective practice, Coaching and expert support, Feedback and reflection and sustainability.

Two key aspects of the success of continued professional development is the need for high quality mentoring and coaching and the offer of feedback and reflection.

New for 2020, we have introduced the RQT mentor support programme for our early career teachers (ECTs), where, on a 1:1 basis, our expert practitioners can support teachers through their second year of teaching by engaging in informal virtual meetings where they share their expertise and offer professional guidance on an ‘informal’, individual needs basis.

The Advanced Mentor programme provides middle and senior leaders with a  chance to work alongside one of the countries leading experts in her field. Rachel Lofthouse is Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education. She has a specific research interest in professional learning, exploring how teachers learn and how they can be supported to put that learning into practice. Rachel has established the Research and Practice Centre ‘CollectivED: The Mentoring and Coaching Hub’.