What if my degree doesn’t relate to the subject I want to teach?

If you don’t have a degree in the subject you want to train in, you could complete a fully-funded subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course – these are available if you have plenty of work experience in the subject you want to teach or you have a relevant A level. You should contact your chosen teacher training provider for more information around available SKE courses and your eligibility.

Do I need classroom experience before I apply?

School experience isn’t a mandatory requirement. However, school experience will provide you with the opportunity to see inside a modern classroom and observe lessons. Classroom experience can help you find out how teaching has changed since you were at school and this may help you decide whether teaching is for you – it could also strengthen your application.

When do I need to take the professional skills tests for trainee teachers?

You need to have passed the skills tests before the start of the course. You can register for the skills tests to book an appointment in advance, but you’re expected to have submitted your application before the test date. You can find more information, including how to register for the skills tests, on the professional skills tests page.

How do I apply to train as a teacher?

You can apply for the majority of teacher training courses for 2019 via UCAS Teacher Training.

How would I financially support my training?

There’s a range of support available for postgraduate teacher training. This includes:


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