Positive Regard Behaviour Training

Positive Regard Behaviour Training


Positive Regard has a focus on understanding why some children behave in a challenging way. Strategies for managing challenge sit alongside an understanding of developmental trauma and attachment difficulties. Understanding the child and meeting their needs is at the heart of what Positive Regard brings to your organisation.

The team aims to bring a true understanding of meeting children’s needs to the forefront of school improvement. They have a suite of programmes that can be adapted to suit all needs over extended periods of time and offer highly focused specialist advice and guidance.

Examples of Positive Regard training:

Initial Teacher Training sessions

Staff workshops

One-to-one work with individual pupils

Training for Teaching Assistants

Whole School Reviews

Restorative Approaches

Key Note conferences

In-school modelling & support

Please see the Positive Regard Support Page for further details, or email Amy Hinchliffe – admin@positiveregardtsa.co.uk