Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our team of lead consultants are all active practitioners within specialist and mainstream settings across all age groups. They have a variety of expertise and meet the needs of all aspects of behaviour development.

The Positive Regard team can be deployed locally or on a national level.

Luke Mitchell
Head of Behaviour Support

Advanced Team Teach Tutor. Lead advocate for supporting children who have suffered trauma and loss. Theraplay. Specialist Leader of Education.

Donna Martin
Care Team Leader

Team Teach Tutor. Care Team Leader. Positive Regard Consultant. Thrive Practitioner. Nursery Nurse. Behaviour Lead. Outreach Support. Specialist Leader of Education.

Ryan Gladwin
Assistant Headteacher

Specialist Leader of Education in Behaviour. Team Teach Tutor. Restorative Practitioner.

Ash Lucas
Behaviour Lead Practitioner across 3 alternative provisions

Behaviour Support. Crisis Management,. Behaviour Planning and Monitoring. Post Incident Learning and Reflection. Staff Mentoring. Specialist Leader of Education. ex Military.

Callum Wetherill
Pastoral Welfare Lead

Specialist Leader of Education in SEN, Behaviour, Attendance. Team Teach Tutor. Restorative Practitioner.

Lisa Forge
Psychological Welfare Lead

Staff well being student and staff CBT based 1:1 support. Lego-based therapy. Theraplay Informed Practice. SEMH support. SEMH Audit.

Jacob Lawton
Positive Regard Consultant

Mindfulness. Advanced Team Teach Tutor. Theraplay. MTB, Forest School Lead. Specialist Leader of Education.

Darryl Jones
Positive Regard Consultant

Pastoral Manager. Specialist Leader of Education in Behaviour, Attendance, Safeguarding, De-escalation. Team Teach Tutor.

Jon Green
Positive Regard Consultant

Strategic SENCO. SEMH. Thrive Practitioner.

Andrew Cardwell
Positive Regard Consultant

Crispin Barton
Positive Regard Consultant

Tom O'Hara
Positive Regard Consultant

Kirsty Taylor
Positive Regard Consultant

Bridget Rodgers
Positive Regard Consultant

Becci Jones
Positive Regard Consultant

Steve Devoy
Positive Regard Consultant

James Butterwood
Positive Regard Consultant

Ron Crichton
Positive Regard Consultant

Sean Hutchinson
Positive Regard Consultant